Indy 500 Mai 2016

descriptions are provided below.

Race Week: 1
Indianapolis Motor Speedway - IndyCar Oval
22:30 GMT  [12:30 am] (0)
23:30 GMT  [01:30 am] (0)
Qualifying sessions determine the overall weekly qualifying order, which is used to set the starting order, or grid, for each race session. Qualifying times are valid for the entire race week, and drivers may attempt to improve their time as often as they like during the race week. Incidents are recorded during qualifying sessions and factored into each driver's Safety Rating calculation.

Road course qualifying sessions are 20 minutes long, and your fastest incident-free lap, is automatically recorded as your qualifying time for the week. Multiple cars may be on track during a road course qualifying session.

Oval-track qualifying sessions include a warm-up lap, four flying laps and a cool-down lap. Your fastest incident-free flying lap is recorded as your qualifying time for the week. Only one car will be on the track at a time.

Drivers who do not qualify before joining a race will be placed on the grid behind everyone who has posted a qualifying time for that series. If multiple drivers without qualifying times join the same race session, they will be gridded at the back of the field in order of iRating.
Race Week: 1
Indianapolis Motor Speedway - IndyCar Oval
01:00 GMT  [03:00 am] (0)
20:00 GMT  [10:00 pm] (0)
Races are real-time, wheel-to-wheel, multi-car sessions. The number of entries required for the race to be considered official, as well as the race distance, will vary by series. More information can be found on the series home page. Incidents are recorded in races, and race incidents carry the heaviest weight of any session when factored into a driver's Safety Rating.

Standing starts are generally used on road courses, while oval-track races begin with rolling starts behind the pace car. Both road and oval race sessions begin with a five minute warm-up, after which the field will be shown the checkered flag, signifying the end of the warm-up.

Drivers will then have 60 seconds to place their cars on the starting grid. At the conclusion of the race, there will be a short cool-down period. Drivers may race as often as they like during a race week. Points earned in each race will be averaged to calculate a driver's race week point total.


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